Death to Beauty

In Death to Beauty, Eugene M. Helveston, MD, follows the unlikely story of botulism’s 1817 discovery in contaminated German sausages, to its use in military and research facilities, to Scott, an ophthalmologist who aimed to safely use the drug in humans.

A fascinating walk through the intricate history of how the world’s deadliest toxin starting as a treatment for crossed eyes became a routine tool for the cosmetic industry, Death to Beauty will make you rethink success, beauty, and deadly bacteria.

Meet the Author

Eugene M. Helveston, MD is emeritus professor of ophthalmology; founder of the section of Pediatric Ophthalmology; and former Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at Indiana University School of Medicine, where he provided patient care and teaching, and carried out clinical research. During his career, he taught in forty-five states and also served as a volunteer surgeon and lecturer in fifty countries. In 2002, he founded an award-winning international telemedicine program to serve doctors and their patients in developing countries. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Gene currently resides in Indianapolis.

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