A political thriller about North Korea and the nuclear threat it poses to the U.S.

A political thriller that hits home! As Major Adam Grant settles into his new position as Adjutant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Il sets a date to launch an intercontinental nuclear warhead missile at Denver. In a race against time and with limited options, Major Grant is recruited for his first covert operation with the Central Intelligence Agency, where he meets Erin O’Leary, a CIA ‘”Lifer”. They lead A Trojan Horse Project in a spine tingling take down.

Gene Helveston

The timeliness of The Golden Pelican blurs the distinction between fiction and real-time online news. Gene Helveston paints a scary scenario with a compelling plot, likable and despicable characters, and the right amount of CIA background information to make it understandable and suspenseful. Like the best Tom Clancy novels, Pelican is a tasty feast of reality and make-believe with more of the former than the latter. If you haven’t ordered it yet, do yourself a favor and expect a literary treat that is appetizing, meaty, nutritious and satisfying.

— Edward

This is an exceptionally entertaining, at the same time thoroughly convincing novel with a preternatural relevance to current world affairs. Gene Helveston’s hero/heroine characters come to life with a next door neighbor believability in stunning fashion. A must read. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

— CC