Raising Kids to be Happy, Self-Sufficient Adults through WORK

In The Second Decade, Dr. Eugene Helveston offers a game plan for navigating two of the most important challenges facing today’s youth: gaining academic skills through a quality education and acquiring practical skills learned by working at a job. He also discusses: the importance of a formal education, basic life skills, the types of high schools and colleges available today, parenting styles, military service, mentoring, and IQ.

Eugene M. Helveston, MD

Formula for Student Success!

Everyone who is a parent, teacher, or in a position to influence children either directly or by policy should read this book! In this book, Dr. Helveston recognizes the need for what I will call internships – meaningful work. The five actions developed in this book of:

  1. Plan ahead for a quality education pursued with an eye on the future;
  2. Learn life lessons and useful skills from the work you perform and the people you meet;
  3. Seek advice and inspiration from mentors throughout your life;
  4. Recognized that nothing is accomplished without time and effort; and
  5. Pursue honest and productive work
    are well developed, researched, and referenced so the reading can use the book as a guide. This book can serve as a framework for anyone who believes as I do, that helping parents teach their children to gain academic skills through a quality education and acquire practical skills learned by working is an invaluable component to a lifetime of success. Again, this is the must read book of all who want success for all children.

— Byron E.

The second decade is a wonderful guideline, easy and delightful to read, for raising children in this day and age. It emphasizes the importance of a strong work ethic and responsibility in developing the character and personality of teenagers. Even though, this book was written for an audience in the United States, the message is universal and applies for teenagers all over the world.

— Amazon Customer