“Words are like leaves…”

“Hi! I’m Barney, and I speak for a generation of geezers willing to admit they are seniors. You know who you are … in your 70s … okay some of you are more seasoned and are in your 80s and beyond. Did you know if you are over 85, some people will call you a super senior?! How about that?

As for me, being around for a while means I might know a thing or two; and yes, I’m willing to share. Some say I talk a lot and that I’m opinionated—but don’t worry. I have an editor who promises my messages will take only a couple minutes to read. Can you spare the time? I can’t guarantee I won’t cheat occasionally. Give me a break, I’m trying.

Here is my slant. In our age group, thoughts tend to revolve around old friends and family. This includes kids, grandkids, and sometimes a fourth generation is tacked on; you know, a great-grand someone. Sure, there are lots of other things in life to talk about …okay, I’m going to say it … besides our health.

Our generation has taken a lot in. I plan to dish some out. And I promise, there will be no politicking.

Stay tuned!